WEBSITE UPDATE MID FEB 2014: New work on transmediale, Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Arte etc. Plus: The long-awaited "Slippery Design" Essay! Celebrating also the start of the new Hong Kong based branch office.

Brand new publications and posters of the Laboratory published by "Naives & Visonaries". Picture: Field Record.

Miranda Kerr is reading the latest products of
The Laboratory: "Ohne Ende", exhibition catalogue
for Sebastian Haslauer and "DUMMY Tourist".

read the whole story: transmediale 2k+12 festival design. Link

Aram Bartholl, The Speed Book, for Gestalten. Link

World of the news, in/compatible research newspaper. Link

"Tendency Towards Complexity" Poster Series,
Exhibited at Grimm Museum, Berlin. Order Link

"Imagine" - Contribution for Higher Arc. Link

Talk at the Critical Visions Symposium, University of Cincinnati. Link

Anniversary flyer for the church of Up It Up. Link

Artdirection & Design of Lodown Magazine #75. Link

Education of the Noobz, Recordsleeve cover. lINK

BMW Culture Book at Sagmeister Inc. Link

Visual Development of TagesWoche - Zeitung aus Basel. Link

Design for Digital Folklore by Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied. Link

True False, Fake Real. Link

Digital Collage for Kinki Magazine. Link

Nike Lunar Poster. Link

"Tendency Towards Complexity"
Epic Fanzine with Jörg "Mastermind" Albrecht. Link

The Beauty of Lacks and Limitation
A course about restricted design tools. Link

"The Midi Opera" is a hommage to the greatest file format. Link


Don't forget my lovely project & participate. hyperlink

Lost & found collage series. Link

My new business card by OM Graphic, Mumbai Link

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The Laboratory's workscope includes:

The Laboratory's strength lies in its unique sense for (de)articulation of design zeitgeist + narrative thinking.

Learn about "Slippery Design"

Collected quotes:

“Manuel's work is fun, intelligent and beautiful.”
-- Stefan Sagmeister,

"His veins are coursing with tiger blood."
-- Jon Rafman, Artist

“His projects are [...] often just as goofy as they are subtly, intelligently deconstructive of media culture and its conventions.”
-- Marisa Olson, Editor / Academic

“Always one step ahead and one head above you.”
--Tracky Birthday, Internet Celebrity / Musician

"How to communicate visually: be very but not only funny, adopt things you really like and change it, combine small gestures to one grand story line."
-- Joost Bottema, Designer, about Manuel Bürger

Mutual Attraction: Authorship & Design

Focused on elaborate semiotic conjunction & highly narrative guidance The Laboratory aims for neverending communication - cultivating the merge of thoughts and form.

Working at the NY library on TTC

CV Light:

"The World From Inside to Outside, From Here to Eternity." The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger

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Becoming a Modern Nomade:

While moving in India I‘m exploring new ways of nomadism through analyzing the usage of technology in travelling and (vs.) working.


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