The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger develops and designs communication, identities – in particular for cultural institutions such as transmediale art & digital culture, HeK Basel, Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel, Interkultur Ruhr and Volksbühne Berlin (in collaboration with Till Wiedeck).

Institutional Narration. The exchange of ideas and ideologies for/between local and global communites. The fascination of action, fields of conflicts > images, language, thoughts, bodies.

Slippery Design. Relies on dissemination through irritation, mutation, failure. Challenges the process of making sense ~ causes discourses to falter. Slippery Design leads into the void and shows us worlds. It speaks in syllables not sentences.

Theory of the Bench - Omonia, Athens Edition, with Thomas Jeppe

Volksbühne Berlin (in collaboration with Till Wiedeck)

transmediale ever elusive 2017

Internationales Sommerfestival 2017 Kampnagel

Artdirection/Design for New Eelam

Gesellschaft zur Wertschätzung des Brutalismus, HMKV

transmediale conversation piece 2016

My Boyfriend Came Back From The War


Ein falsches Wort, ein schräger Blick. Biest.

FFIXXED Studios, Shenzen

Developing the corporate identity of Interkultur Ruhr, workshop

Poetics and Politics of Data

Theory of the Bench

Artdirection for Kitjen Records

transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL


Corporate Identity for HeK Basel

Artdirection/Design for Ruhrtriennale 2015-2017 (pitch)

Lost In Connotation Seminar at UdK, Berlin

"Datafied Research" Workshop, University of Hong Kong, 2014 (more soon)

Compass Trouble Again

transmediale 2014 afterglow

Field Record Magazine

Cosmic Dancer for #FUTUREMYTH at 319 Scholes, NY

Duck House Theory. Robert Venturi's wildest darkroom fantasies...

transmediale magazine nr.1

Official Opening of Hong Kong Office

transmediale 2013 BWPWAP

arte 42 - visual conception

"inverse remediation" - The BWPWAP research newspaper

Vernacular Abstraction Research & Brochure

28.06.2013 MONUMENTS with raumlabor berlin

transmediale 2012 in/compatible

Artdirection DUMMY 35 Tourist

"TTC" Poster Series, Shown at Grimm Museum, Berlin. Order

"Imagine" - Contribution for Higher Arc

Talk at the Critical Visions Symposium, University of Cincinnati.

Digital Folklore Reader

Found & Lost Collages

BMW Culture Book at Sagmeister Inc.

Artdirection & Design of Lodown Magazine #75.

Digital Collage for Kinki Magazine


Offical business card by our branch office "OM Graphic" in Mumbai Link

Way beyond Design...

    Focus! With our own YouTube Meditation Clip feat. Harmony Horizon

Duck House Theory

Seminar at University of Arts (UdK), Berlin

Talk at Sazmanab Contemporary Art Center, Tehran, Iran 2015

Artdirection & Design for Kampnagel. More Info soon.


Contact the headquarter in Berlin. E-Mail

or a branch office next to you: Mumbai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Tokyo, New York City


Working with The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger

Making Design Tangible: Focused on elaborate semiotic conjunction & highly referential guidance The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger aims for neverending communication - cultivating the merge of thoughts and form.

A unique sense for (de)articulation of design zeitgeist + narrative thinking

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Watch Your Steps: The SLIPPERY DESIGN essay/manifesto/mindset by The Laboratory of Manuel Buerger

Slippery Design

Mutual Attraction: Authorship & Design

Collected quotes:

“Manuel's work is fun, intelligent and beautiful.”
-- Stefan Sagmeister,

“It’s not about aesthetics, it’s about ethics. A sensibility, but also the sense of responsibility tackling the core problematic of how to communicate.”
-- Jack Self, Architect & Publisher

"His veins are coursing with tiger blood."
-- Jon Rafman, Artist

“His projects are [...] often just as goofy as they are subtly, intelligently deconstructive of media culture and its conventions.”
-- Marisa Olson, Editor / Academic

“Always one step ahead and one head above you.”
--Tracky Birthday, Internet Celebrity / Musician

"How to communicate visually: be very but not only funny, adopt things you really like and change it, combine small gestures to one grand story line."
-- Joost Bottema, Designer, about Manuel Bürger

Working at the NY library on TTC

CV Light:

"The World From Inside to Outside, From Here to Eternity." The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger


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