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transmediale 2014 afterglow

Festival identity, artdirection and design. With: Timm Häneke. Research: Human Factor

Between shiny high-tech, e-waste dumps, big data businesses and mass surveillance schemes: Under the title afterglow, the 27th edition of transmediale explores our present post-digital moment as one in which former treasures of our mediatised life are turning into trash. The festival focuses on the ambivalent condition of current digital culture, looking towards a future in which media technologies have become part of daily life, turning into physical and immaterial waste.

The digital revolution was a dinner party but its afterglow is not. Trevor Paglen, Jacob Appelbaum, Laura Poitras

Visual World of the afterglow

Bruce Sterling is feeling great

The visual world of transmediale festival 2014 opens up a more heterogeneous discourse than former festival editions. It brings together the sophisticated world of today's contemplation- and high-tech developments. Both ways try to grasp the innermost mind of the human, fill it with their ideology of being. The feel of the "afterglow" arrives from the contrast and the ambiguities in the process of making sense of the festival imagery: showing mostly dichotomies of our daily lives. Uneasyness in a world of supposed total ease: "How do you feel today?"

RELAX?! The afterglow trailer

The website goes towards a commercial look, using therefore famous Google typefaces.

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Cover of transmediale's "Flight Magazine"

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Hashes to Ashes -Stream

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Living between Tripods

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Visual references of the afterglow

Ashton Kutcher advertises the yoga pad of lenovo. Yoga and alike are far more than a lifestyle: a commitment to certain forces through which you attain enlightment, or at least strength to deal your busy life. 40 years after the first (tech-)hippies of silicion valley almost got forgotten the yoga movement became mainstream and its lingo is also used by life-style-tech-products, the quite upcoming extension of your body.

"How it feels" Google Glasses Ad.

Trying to get a better punch line effect of the rather abstract term "afterglow" we developed the line "How Do You Feel Today?". References to Microsoft ("Where do you want to go today?") and Google ("How it feels") are pretty clear in this case.

Wearable Technology

The afterglow gets recorded and commented simultaneously in your Google glasses. The design takes its type-concept from this tool of clear vision. (Typeface: Roboto) Also the transparency of certain design elements is a straight reference to the Google glasses aesthetic.