Pizza Pangaea

Artdirection and Design for Pizza Pangaea. With: Seb Holl-Trieu.
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What if all the continents merge into one big plate? Researchers estimate that in millions of years the future supercontinent „Pangaea Ultima“ will exist. In the meantime: Five pizza bakers push their own visions of the coming world into the oven.

Society is on the move: globalization and migration go hand in hand. The world in which we locate is different from yesterday. The Laboratory of Manuel Buerger developed with Interkultur Ruhr the vision of Pangaea Ultima aka Pizza Pangaea as the metaphor/reflexion about a supercontinent: What would be if tomorrow Ultima Pangaea would already exist?!

The world is growing together into a possible supercontinent in the distant future! We carry this idea among the people, even where it is not expected. For example, in gastronomy: the „pizza“ is a sign of the lively diversity of a culinary idea. Almost everywhere in the world there are pizza in a variety of forms, and every culture makes them to their own taste. Also in the Ruhr area, the paths of people of different origins intersect in the numerous pizzerias. Portuguese, Albanian, Turkish, Italian - with these languages, for example, the participating pizzeria drivers grew up.

In Dortmund, Bochum, Hattingen, Essen and Duisburg you could already try „Pizza Pangaea“. Each of the pizzerias has come up with their own recipe. Delivered in in our specially designed pizza box.

Together with the students from the Anne Frank Comprehensive School in Dortmund we took an expedition through the Ruhr area, talked to pizza bakers and guests and shot a web series presenting the project.

How would we live together if the continents became one tomorrow? Will this world still have limits? And isn't the Ruhrgebiet already pangaea?

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"It's all pretty much fantasy to start with. But it's a fun exercise to think about what might happen. And you can only do it if you have a really clear idea of why things happen in the first place."
Christopher Scotese

Pangaea Ultima (also called Pangaea Proxima, Neopangaea, and Pangaea II) is a possible future supercontinent configuration. Consistent with the supercontinent cycle, Pangaea Ultima could occur within the next 100 million to 200 million years. This potential configuration, hypothesized by Christopher Scotese, earned its name from its similarity to the previous Pangaea supercontinent. Scotese later changed Pangaea Ultima (Last Pangaea) to Pangaea Proxima (Next Pangaea) to alleviate confusion about the name Pangaea Ultima which could imply that it would be the last supercontinent.[1] The concept was based on examination of past cycles of formation and breakup of supercontinents, not on current understanding of the mechanisms of tectonic change, which are too imprecise to project that far into the future. "It's all pretty much fantasy to start with," Scotese has said. "But it's a fun exercise to think about what might happen. And you can only do it if you have a really clear idea of why things happen in the first place."[2]
Source: Wikipedia