Red Lines by Evan Roth

Website Design. Produced by The Artangel Trust. With Alexander Papoli-Bawarti. Tag: Deceleration

Evan Roth asked the Laboratory to design the project page of "Red Lines". The page is divided in 3 columns – which can be easily swiped. While the first column speaks about Red Lines and shows how to install your own device, the second column is a live map of the Red Lines network you get connected to. The decentralized network shares Roth's videoworks, which can be seen in the third column. By entering the fullscreen-mode, your device is turned into an artwork.

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Connecting you to the landscape of the internet

Red Lines is a network containing infrared videos of coastal landscapes that can be streamed to a smartphone, tablet, or computer by anyone, anywhere.

By setting a device in your home or workplace to display this artwork, you share a synchronized viewing experience with people around the world. Filmed in infrared, the spectrum by which data is transmitted through fiber optic cables, 70 slowly moving videos are stored on servers located in the same territories in which they were filmed. When you view a network located video made in Hong Kong, for example, it activates the submarine cable route between Hong Kong and you. You then become part of the peer-to-peer network which enables this work to be experienced by people around you.

These network located videos were shot at fiber optic cable landing locations in Australia, Argentina, France, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. During the following year, more trips will be made and the network will expand.

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> Further information: Artist Evan Roth discusses his Artangel commission Red Lines (YouTube).

(Courtesy The Artangel Collection, photo by Jules Lister)

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