KINDI Poster & Magazine

Design of a brochure/poster for my Mum's kindergarten. Special Tag: Stay With Us

"Kindi" (coll.) is the short cut for kindergarten. For a conception of a kindergarten in Esslingen (South Germany) I worked with that term that mostly kids use as it doesn't sound that long and hard. The aim of the brochure was to combine conceptual focal points of this kindergarten with it's everday life. This work should enthuse members of the kindergarten-institution, (future)parents and verifiers.
I decided to combine the text with different photos of the kid's acticity (-> 10 page Brochure). With it's DIY poster on the backside I created a Kindi universe - you can see all kids drawing their own world with wax crayon and romping around...

Poster/ backside of brochure

Cover of brochure

Inside of brochure

Used Tags

Kids working on the poster:

We worked two mornings on the drawings for the poster and took also photographs of different posings to arrange them together on the poster on the leften side.

Partey! Celebrating the brochure: