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Collages for Kinki Magazine. Rated: X. Research: VIP. Special Tag: Sun Shower More Power

Beyonce's Nipple

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For Kinki Mag I examined the relationship of nudity and information culture. The illustrations are dealing mostly with the magic moment of the nip slip, a moment every photographer is looking for: Bling Bling. The article gets first back to Rudi Gernreich, a fashion designer and activist from the 60/70s, who invented the „monokini“ (a topless swimsuit) and then discuss the promising freedom through his fashion.
The provactive gesture of showing the breasts or rather the shame of being seen topless lead to a new body conscious, skilled body habits, a unpredictable vip-politic, which would be intersting to examine even more.

Sarah's Beach Dance


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Just arrived, Kinki #32 with my little Memes:


Results of The Laboratory's work:

The Laboratory found out that the sound of waves makes it uneasier to keep dressed.

About Rudi Gernreich (WikiLeaks):

„Gernreich moved into fashion design via fabric design, and then worked closely with model Peggy Moffitt and photographer William Claxton, pushing the boundaries of „the futuristic look“ in clothing over three decades. Gernreich is perhaps most noted for his design of the first topless swimsuit, or monokini, as well as the pubikini—a bikini with a window in front to reveal the woman‘s pubic hair—and later the thong swimsuit. He was a strong advocate of unisex clothing, dressing male and female models in identical clothing and shaving their heads and bodies completely bald.

The Laboratory at work: