Media is a Sausage

WebCam Concert, Times Square, New York City. With: Dennis Knopf. Special Tag: Forever


On february 20th 2006, Manuel Buerger (M-Boy) and Dennis Knopf (Tracky Birthday) a.k.a. "The Discoghosts" played a dazzling web concert in the sun. Through a web-cam on the whole world could watch them as they were using kids' toys (from the Toys 'R' Us store next door) like an accordeon, an electronic trumpet (including sound effects), a flute and a ukulele to make the place turn into a party.

At 2:00 pm local time they met at the corner of 47th street and Broadway after providing their audience with the corresponding .mp3 file for the audio part (song + original background noise they had recorded exactly 24 hours before).

"They say the media is the message. I say media is a sausage."
Thanks to Pierlo and Ned.

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