Compass Trouble

Exhibition cataloge for Thomas Baldyschwyler's & Thomas Jeppe's exhibition at Curro Poncho, MEX

"Compass Trouble" at Curro & Poncho (Guadalajara, Mexico) is the promising name of Thomas Baldischwyler's & Thomas Jeppe's show. It's the first exhibition after Jeppe's manifest of "Abstract Journalism" and therefore important to see the conceptual framework of the new works. The Laboratory was working in Guadalajara with Baldyschwyler and Jeppe on the exhibition catalogue, which at the end lead the visitors through the reference chaos both caused.

Exhibition View

The publication includes an essay by Mark Terkessidis, Die Macht Der Kultur (The Power of Culture) reproduced/layouted from issue 12 of Texte Zur Kunst, December 1993, presented in German, Spanish and English; some illustrations of exhibited works; and a collection of images concerning the working process, social context and reference sources around the Compass Trouble exhibition.

"Oscillating between the approaches of editorial and reportage, while invoking the prestige of journalistic integrity, Abstract Journalism proceeds through divergence, either slight or dramatic, from the original topic or field of enquiry. This divergence is intentional, and comes from the belief that indirectness and allegory are more effective than fact and didacticism in describing a cultural situation, and elaborating its attendant concerns." Thomas Jeppe, Abstract Journalism



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