Exclusive Nike Fan Package

Corporate Design, Redesign of Stuttgarter Kickers, Set of soccer accessories. Special Tag: Bricked

Manuel Bueger Nike

For a special event by Nike (Urban Skills Cup) I designed a set of four soccer accessories. The package was a limited edition, exclusive present for very important people. It contains a fan scarf, a stitch, a pennon and a gym bag. Design-Support by the boys of Shake Your Tree.


My job was to develop a design corresponding to the ci of the "Stuttgarter Kickers" but evolve it in a new, fresh way: Remix it. I did this abstract logo and combined it with a brickwall, which might be just a confusing in this context but also links to the underdog status (low class) of the team.

Manuel Bueger Nike Manuel Bueger Nike
Manuel Bueger Nike

Fan Scarf

Manuel Bueger Nike

Cool Stitch

Manuel Bueger Nike


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Manuel Bueger Nike

Intouch #45, 2008