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"We are proud to announce that after 8 years of free music and crispy live shows we are finally registering as an incorporated society. First thing we will do as an official non-profit organization is releasing our first vinyl! (We'll also do lots of handshaking and business meetings 'n stuff, too).
We would love to celebrate this historic moment with you: On Friday the 24th of June, we'll have a blockparty in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany, with Italian sausage BBQ and a small label exhibition. Everybody at Upitup will attend! You may also expect live music." Up It Up News.

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Up It Up:

„Upitup has been releasing free music since 2003. Based in Rome, Stuttgart, and Liverpool, we initially just wanted to make our sounds accessible to the public. The idea was to create an open platform for sharing ideas and staying/getting in contact with people. We later realized we‘re running what‘s considered a netlabel.

Upitup remains completely uninfected by commercial interests - to the contrary, we love to see the music industry trying to catch up with new technologies while suffering from their self-imposed politics. We are proud to be able to supply our music for free.“

-- Up It Up Records:

Tracky Birthday @ Disney Club, 1994, first Up It Up Performance

What does it mean?
Up it up?

"The slogan "Up It Up!" can be comprehended as a battlecry of digital culture. Unless you "up something up to the network", it stays where it is, unshared (in your brain, on your pc etc.). To "up it up" equally means to "go for it", to "make it hot"."

-- Up It Up Records:

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As you might know M-Boy and Tracky are the infamous "The Discoghosts"

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