Poster Design / New Semiotic Concept. With Timm Häneke. Special Tag:Lost in Connotation

Syncpathy theory frames a new field of semiotic study, which prooves the total synchronization of communication via the direct exchange mental thoughts (1:1)

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High-Fi Offset Print
70 x 100 cm
Edition of 99

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Semiotic Invention: The Sync Bubble

As we know, the speech bubble or speech ballon is representing the signifier of Somebody – the sharp end of the speech bubble points to the source of signifiers.

The thought bubble or thought ballon is representing the signified of Somebody. Pure thoughts!

According to the theory of Syncpathy the mental image always consists of both signifier and signified. The new sync bubble or snyc ballon is representing this state of mutual awareness through a spiral form:

If you see this sync bubble attached to human beings, you immediately know that they have been leveled...

Beyond the Bond - Jenseuts der Mensch-Mensch-Grenze

Communication, network, love, war, friendship – every kind of contact presumes a state of separation. The effort to bridge this divide makes up the basis of most human endeavors. Whether smartphone or peace treaty, human life in the 21st century is mediated by a great number of apparatuses and institutions designed to regulate or reduce that distance. Religious or shamanistic practices, ecstatic rituals and certain drugs all have the function to suggest, at least for a limited amount of time, the feeling of an undivided human consciousness. Meanwhile, latest advances in the field of Neurophysiology might make the sci-fi-paradigm of a human-to-human data link a thing of the near future. Beyond the human-to-human divide – Jenseits der Mensch-Mensch Grenze – future cults meet speculative science and the most venturesome phantasies.

An exhibition by Nina Franz und Timo Feldhaus

STUDIO, Adalbertstr.96, 10999 Berlin
Opening on Sunday, July 15th 2012, 5 p.m.

Antje Majewski, Jonas Weber Herrera, Manuel Bürger & Timm Häneke, Sterling Crispin