Wasteler 1&2 - Promoclips

Videopromotion for Berlin based theatercompany "copy & waste". Laboratory Work: Animation

Wasteler 1&2 links not only to the german movie "Westler" of Wieland Speck, it also deals with the decay of (east-german) cities -> ghosttowns. The mystical vibe of the movies (made with Google Sketchup and Google Earth) relates to copy & waste's story of the postmodern cowboys entering various postmodern fights. Sounddesign: Matthias Grübel. Info: copy & waste

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Westler, 1985 by Wieland Speck:

"Two men live only a few kilometers apart, and yet it is almost as if they are from different worlds: East Berlin and West Berlin. Their blossoming romance is doomed by the Wall that separates their worlds, so they must savor the few moments they can share." Linc Madison

Did you know: The scenes in East Berlin were shot clandestinely with a Super-8 camera.

Get some idea about an "East German" ghosttown:

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