My New Business Card

Designed by OM Graphic, Mumbai, India. Color: Rainbow. Special Tag: Fail Better

I couldn't have made it better.

It was one of these super hot late summer days. I walked around in Mumbai, sweating, looking for some copyshop. Near central postoffice, in Perin Nariman street, you'll find Xerox heaven! I stopped walking: This shop has defintely the best appearance and all services I would ever need. Offset Printing, Screen Printing (?), DTP, Scanning,... and "Multi Colur Visiting Card". The friendly, curious boy at the street-counter called his father. The order: 200 business cards for me. My only input:

  • I'm designer, as well
  • Please make me a colorful card
  • That's my name...
One hour later I came back to have a look at the sketch. And as you can see - It's great! Finest Corel Draw design and a bright, color laserprint! In the meantine I've got an upset stomach - but that's another story... Beside this, I'm really happy to met the crew of OM Graphic, "the ultimate solution for DTP".

The sketch (one hour business card!)

Corel Draw 9.0

Golden watch

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