Let's fetz - Das geilste Fazine der Welt

Fanzine Workshop @ University of Mainz. With: Sebastian Haslauer, Florian Bayer, Dirk Mönkemöller

Ambitious people in Mainz! Finishing the fanzine with all contributions

We were pleased to be invited to the University of applied science in Mainz to give a lecture about fanzine culture, a workshop how to do the greatest fanzine within 72 hours. "We" are Dirk Mönkemöller (of fanzine no.1) Sebastian Haslauer, Florian Bayer and myself (Shake Your Tree Publishing). The course was hosted by Atelier Zukunft.

After an introduction of our work and explaining the spirit of real fanzine culture we started friday evening to make a concept for this weekend's fanzine which should be printed till sunday evening. Dirk Mönkemöller was defintely a big inspiration for the students, as he focused on the importance of the editioral part. "Without coming up with a story you can't speak about a fanzine - true love must me manifested in text articles not only pictures.", Mönkemöller claims. True. The tricky part of our story was, that it should be made for the sake of it: pushing your intention of a dialogue in the most catchiest form. The ultimate was the story.

Quite "messy". Students printed another blue layer over the red cover :-/

Timetable of the weekend:
FRIDAY: Lecture about fanzine cultue. Concepting the fanzine and first articles.
SATURDAY: Finsishing the concept-phase till noon. Start working and estimating the article length till 4pm. Making a structure, compiling articles. Working long to finish the distribution.
SUNDAY:Putting the distributions together till 1pm. Students start to print parallely on the RISO. First magazines were finsihed monday mornings...

We were quite surprised by the imagination of the contributions - behind the form you find g.oOd entertainment. Mission completed.


"Für kluge Köpfe"

"Heise Teile" - your ultimate body part

The ultimate leisure magazine test


I smuggled in the moon cheese

potatoe as the ultimate vegetable

don't believe the hypertext, wonderful meme reflection

thanks for the fun and productive workshop!

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Fancy poster for our workshop:

designed by Atelier Zukunft

True underground - "Fanzine No.1" by Dirk Mönkemöller:

Classic fanzine series

More pictures of our workshop: