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Designing my own website with Dragan Espenschied (consulting & programming)

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Screenshots of the backend coded by Dragan Espenschied

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I'm very happy to announce the new website of the Laboratory of Manuel Bürger

Working close with web consultant and programmer Dragan Espenschied, the website took form and shape as you see it here. Basically a big archive of works and research topics combined with lots of snippets to get lost in the depth of the web. Espenschied builded a custom-made backend where I can programm with little html skills every project by its own, combining easily my writing with pictures

Basic structures and ideas:

1. News & Tags Column
The leften column shows the latest news. You can discover also projects by a picture link ("Random Preview".
The most interesting function though is the epic tag system. All works are categorized in different factors and topics (file under). You can search the website for the use of fonts, research topics, cooperations etc. A highlight for many visitors is the "fun factor"... The tag system is pretty professional as you can combine terms and deselect them with no problems. By choosing a tag(s) you will see the relevant projects in the next column of the website, while the other with no hits disappear...

2. Chronological Order
The second column from the left, shows all works ordered chronologically by years. Just click the name of any project and you will get to... something.

3. Content Column
This middle column (broadest one) is more or less the "power point" presentation of every project as an one-scroll-experience. Text, pictures, embeded material merge together and shows mostly the visual enlargement designed by the Laboratory of Manuel Bürger.

4. Research Column
This column to the right, same column this text appears, shows the source of many projects. It reflects the research which was made, shows additional material, further links and results – exposes how the design appeared or got discussed in real world. It's an invitation to dive deeper in the heart of each work.