Nike Lunar Campaign

Design and Conception of the Nike Lunar campaign presentation. With: Dirk Bonn. Research: Space

lunar poster artwork on moon background

Nike Stadium Berlin + Dirk Bonn asked me to develop the visual concept for their own "Nike Lunar" presentation. The showroom, based in Gipstrasse, is herefore divided into two parts: The front is featuring links and references to one of Nike's top themes "it's like running on the moon" (leigtweight-footwear) - mainly expressed through space prints on aluminum, tons of moon gimmicks and a limited give away poster edition to commemorate the story of the space in a perfect way. The second part of the room shows the GYAKUSOU project. Both parts are linked together with a flying comet which crashes through a wall and becomes the table of the couch scenery.

The intense lunar poster is the result of a heavy research about the moon an it's most interesting stories. The poster features an abstract map of the moon scenery, illustrations of the moon phases, the story about moon's birth, top ten moon songs,... It also tells you how far you could jump and how light you are on moon's surface. Printed in 2 colors, black and neon green -with fluorescent color for a glowing moon experience- the poster measures 69 to 98cm, limited to 200 copies.If you're interested in a print please contact me via email.

Eugene Cernan (Moon Traveller)

Front of Nike Stadium Berlin - white and black experience

A NASA scientists examines a Moon Cheese

Another great silkscreen print by Louise Drubigny from SDW Neukölln

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IRL: André's Space Bike and Lunar Poster:

Visual Research - Top 10 Moon Videos:

1. Running on the moon

2. Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk on the Moon

3. First Moon Landing, 1969

4. Gene Cernan on the moon

5. The Police - Walking on the Moon

6. Bunny hopping on the Moon

7. Astronaut Schmitt throws his hammer

8. Michael Jackson, Moonwalk Collection

9. Last Humans on the Moon

10. Sesame Street: I Don't Want to Live on the Moon

Part of the showroom installation is the shopping astronaut collage from my Lost & Found series:

The poster appears also in Lodown#75:

Link to Lodown #75

Her and the poster: