Artdirection and Design. Exhibition cataloge. Color: Black

Cover with round die-cut, uv spot varnishing

The white box (including a black whole) is covered inside with the darkest material available on earth & produced by human: SUPERBLACK. A gaze insight becomes an exclusive experience and challenge of perception. Artist Jordan Tate asked the Laboratory to design the exhibition catalogue, which features a philosophical essay by Nicholas O'Brien, macro-photographs of the SUPERBLACK material, excerpts of 2001 Space Odyysey, an interview with Tate as well as an intensive glossar.

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SUPERBLACK is the result of a two-year research project in collaboration with scientists at the University of Cincinnati. SUPERBLACK is a physical body designed to absorb nearly all electromagnetic radiation (visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, etc.) and offer the experience of a localized, contained, and absolute darkness.
At its core, SUPERBLACK is an exploration of certain dualities – subject/object, void/full, black/white. Tate’s larger photo-based practice further explores the nature of these dualities that inform, limit, and govern our experiences.
Within Tate’s work, the photograph is used as an idea, as a metaphor for knowledge itself, rather than a physical object or even an image. Photography becomes a way of analyzing the interplay between culture, science, and technology that transforms individual observations into systems of knowledge.

-- Jordan Tate, SUPERBLACK, at Transformer Station, Cleveland

Macro Photography of SUPERBLACK

Carbon NanoTube