Tendency Towards Complexity

Another fanzine, Silkscreen Print. With: Jörg Albrecht. Research: Travel, Wisdom, Complexity ☢

"Tendency Tours" is the imaginary travel agency which was developed by Jörg Albrecht and me. Move through parallel worlds and words of wisdom. You might order the fanzine via Shake Your Tree Edition.

The idea of SYT Edition is getting two artists together to create one mutal fanzine. So, I met writer Jörg Albrecht in NY while my stay at Sagmeisters and we developed our dreamlike study trip, a schedule of a educational journey through time and space.
The main topics are knowledge, its complexity and flow, nerdism & toursism. The schedule which is the basis of each of our own approaches was realised at NY Public Library - "back to back", while skyping and googledocing with Jörg. What I really like the different ways of interpreting this schedule: You'll find many links which connect the visuals to the text, the text to the visuals, or our thoughts to your dreams.

The visual part - silkscreen print - 3 colors:

Two excerpts of the text based part(y) by Jörg "Masterbrain" Albrecht:

Working at NY Public Library and printing at SDW in Neukölln, Berlin:

Finally, the video:

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TTC & Abel Kadar Khan:

"Tendency Tours" has its inspiration from a quot by Abdel Kadar Khan of the Novel Shantaram:

"The tendency towards complexity has carried the universe from almost perfect simplicity to the kind of complexity that we see around us, everywhere we look. The universe is always doing this. It is always moving from the simple to the complex."

Reviews of this Edition:

"Beeindruckende Siebdruck Magazine"
-- Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, 29.09.2010

"So ein Unsinn! Uns gefällt das."
-- Vice Magazine, 2.8.2010

"Liebevolle Kollaborationen aus feinster Handarbeit oder kurz gesagt: ein Leckerbissen fürs Auge."
-- Kinki Magazin 29, S.106

"A celebration of the dialogue."
-- Lodown #73, S.12

Original wetfloor webshop photo by Allike: