Neu! The Story About The Unidentified

Master thesis (@ Joost Botema class). Research: Sublime. Special Tag: Forever

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Neu! Noveau! New! The NEW is placed at the sharp end of the capitalistic tactics and is a supporting pillar of our consumer society. But what does it promise? Are utopia and hope the right metaphors, or is it only about a sales promoting mechanism?
This paper delineates the NEW from a philosophic and cultural- historical perspective and focuses on its economic activity. Through eclectic researches the claim for a critical reception of the NEW is pushed forward.

Used metaphor: the NEW = the UFO
(not declarable with our metaphysics)

This is the story about an UFO that tries to become the NEW (again).

In this magazine a metaphor (UFO) operating interdisciplinarily, refering to theoretical examinations as well as to our everyday life, sharpens the reception of the NEW - outlines the logic of the cultural NEWness production in a very special way.

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A surprising moment of my presentation was the arrival of the UFO:


The UFO story was transformed into a 6 pages magazine for Higher Arc. Please have a look!