Cory Arcangel & Olia Lialina - Asymmetrical Response

Book Design for exhibition catalogue, published by Koenig Books. Special Tag: Underground

Olia Lialina and Cory Arcangel asked me to design their catalogue "Asymmetrical Response", which encompasses three exhibitions they both made together between 2016/2017 in Vancouver, New York, Ibiza. Teaming up with editor Caitlin Jones we developed a stimulating package of book, brochure and audio cd-rom, interacting inbetween the medias – responding to the minds of Arcangel and Lialina. Delivered in a record sleeve, the book is published by Koenig Books.

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Since their first meeting Olia Lialina, one of the best known participants in the 1990s scene, and artist Cory Arcangel have been united by an abiding preoccupation with the relationship between people and the internet.Their technical and cultural understanding of the web, as it has shifted from a tool for military communications, to the 'information superhighway', to the increasingly asymmetric 'content delivery system' it has become today, has resulted in two complex bodies of work in constant conversation with each other.Asymmetrical Response is a large-format book which captures this collaboration and includes installation shots, critical essays, correspondence and performance documentation. Includes text insert and a CD of music.

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On the shortlist for the award for new book design 2019 (Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung 2019, Stiftung Buchkunst): Cory Arcangel & Olia Lialina - Asymmetrical Response. Designed by Manuel Bürger. More information: Link

Dear Caitlin,
I have been travelling extensively to various art and trade book fairs. But finally I am looking after my mails again.
Furthermore I like to say thank you for this really unusual publications. I liked it immediately but had a small fright when I held it first as how it would sell. And it does sell really well!! So thank YOU.

Ohnoo... doubt never the Laboratory...