Compass Trouble Again

Exhibition cataloge for Thomas Jeppe's exhibition at Sazmanab, Tehran. Tags: Lost in Connotation

"Compass Trouble Again" is the thematic followup exhibition to "Compass Trouble" (held in Guadalajara Mexico in May 2014). Jeppe concentrated again on his practice of "rigorous investigations and lateral digression" (Abstract Journalism) combining elements of mexican history with african magical realism, adding specific cultural situations in Iran, as for example: the nonexisting copyright in respect of knowledge exchange.

The publication, put together in an envelope, features an essay by Dr. Lucy Van, Mimetic Club Issue 7, 2 CD-ROMS with accompanying music by KWC92 and Dj Biscuit, and an original photoprint of an installation piece. All produced in a 3 days/nights design sprint in Teheran's copyshops.

Available here: Naives & Visionaries

Presentation at Sazmanab, Center for Contemporary Art, Tehran

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